I just received two great reviews for Smart to Wise from two very different, very smart and wise people:Perry Timms, Head of Talent & OD at the Big Lottery Fund, and leading PR trainer and coach, Paula Gardner.

Perry’s testimonial is also something of a review, so Paula’s first, then Perry’s.

Thank you, both of you.

“Mike’s book blows open a common myth about being wise: it doesn’t just naturally happen with age and experience, it can and should be worked at. Smart To Wise draws on traditions as diverse as philosophy, psychology, Buddhism, and management theory to not only sign post a route that will bring us closer to wisdom, but help us avoid pitfalls and fallacies that will lead us away from it. Finally, exercises and ideas for activities to explore wisdom wisely help us embed the learning and apply it to our own lives. A though provoking read.”

Paula Gardner�www.thereputationprofessionals.com

“The times they are-a changing � and the pace of things has really gotten beyond our comprehension.� So we may be smart about all this but are we wise about things?� And more so � and worryingly � do we know how to turn smartness into wisdom anymore?� I am not so sure.

So enter Mike Clayton � a well respected, well researched and arguably very smart person.� And now I also know how wise he is.� His latest book Smart to Wise is just the thing we need in this maelstrom of data, opinion, research, anecdotes, stories, tweets and blogs.� We may be smarter as a result of this ubiquitous information swell, but surely being wise is more powerful, creates a lasting impact and generally gives us all more sense of value and purpose..?

So how has Mike shown his meta-wisdom � that is, being wise about wisdom?� He tells us stories, he unpicks history, he uses models and tested theories.� He really is smart about this and his wisdom shows through in the way he presents this.� No overly complex cognitive studies � this is not about the construct of the brain more the use of the content passing along the neurological pathways.� So well done Mike for not falling into the neuroscience trap.

So what has he given us with this book?� Without giving the game away – and not being overly smart or even wise about this – it�s largely summed up by Mike in his helpful �magnificent� 7 pillars:

Knowledge;� Perception;� Evolution; �Conduct; �Judgement; �Fairness; and Authority.

The key to this book is the depth yet succinctness of the way Mike brings all 7 pillars to life with models, stories and narrative for easy digest.� There�s something for all aspects here; ways of thinking, saying, acting, being � it�s a complete piece in that respect.�

With something this deep or rich you could write a 700 page behemoth of a book but Mike�s put this across in 150 pages of well, wisdom. In busy modern, challenging times, we could all do with a short enough pause to flex our wisdom muscles and Mike�s book is the perfect workout for that.”

Perry Timms is Head of Talent & OD at the�Big Lottery Fund
He writes, speaks and�tweets�about all things in the HR transformational world

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