Productive Working

It’s very easy, in the cold winter months, to slip into lethargy. Rest and relaxation are good: coasting is not. Either take a deliberate break, or get on with making a difference. Here are ten habits that will keep you at your most productive. Start with Sleep High levels of productivity require energy, concentration and willpower. And […]

Hang on… That’s wrong. Surely management is about you, the team. Surely managers need to be focused on other people: their suppliers, customers, partners, colleagues, subordinates, bosses… even their peers. And so you do. And no-one likes a self-absorbed solipsist. Me, me, me: no. That’s just wrong. But is it? Let’s take a closer look […]

Warren Bennis Manager or Leader / Management vs Leadership

Manager or Leader? On of the most familiar components of management and leadership training is Warren Bennis’s comparison between leadership and management. Managers promote change, but it is the role of leaders to design it. Managers need to take effective action, while leaders need to ensure that their actions are meaningful. What role would you […]

When I was at Deloitte, there was one aspect of promotion that often let down the business, our staff, our clients, and the people promoted. Don’t get me wrong, the London consultancy was full of excellent people (hi there if you’re reading). And, without a doubt, almost all promotions were on merit. Sometimes we got it […]

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