Mike’s Books

My books will make you more effective.

  • ... in your job
  • ... at delivering projects
  • ... and in your home and social life

Are you looking for the skills that professionals, managers and project managers, and leaders need, to be outstanding in the workplace? These are the skills I have studied and learned about in over twenty years of business life.

Each book has its own webpages, with full details, additional resources, and links to where you can buy the book. Click on the links in the bookshelf below.

Three reasons why Mike's books are different

  • 1. I like ideas

    ... so you will find my books stuffed full of them.

  • 2. I like to make connections

    ... so you will find my books connect up knowledge and ideas in new ways.

  • 3. I like results

    ... so you will find practical tools, techniques and advice that really work.


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