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Be a force to be reckoned with

“Powerhouse brims with performance boosting strategies. A complete, practical and super-charged toolkit for anyone wishing to optimise their personal and professional effectiveness”

Catherine Bourne, Director, Leornian Consulting

Are you getting everything you want from your life? Are you in control, with a plan, making everything you do count? If not, it’s time to step up and start making a serious impact! Being a Powerhouse is about boosting your personal effectiveness to extraordinary levels, enabling you to meet any challenge head-on, with energy and purpose.

“An easy reading insight into becoming an effective ‘powerhouse’ of delivery. Making the most of every hour and getting the most out of everything you put into your business is vital, for that reason this book is a must read.”

Robert Allison, Managing Director, Expense Reduction Analysts

Powerhouse (n): Somebody who is full of energy, highly effective, and therefore very productive.


Powerhouse: Be a Force to be reckoned with

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