Monday evening and I was flying from Southampton to Glasgow to give three seminars for one of my favourite clients (Big Lottery Fund, since you ask).

Six Brilliant Books in the top 25


And if that were not exciting enough, then there, in the airport bookshop, was a stand of top-selling business titles.

And on that stand were six from the Brilliant series.� I know the autumn is a long way off, but I can’t wait to see my book on the shelves.� And I really hope it can make it onto that stand.






Inflation of Hope

There was a time when hoping to get a book published was a big thing.� I worked hard, I convinced a publisher, and it was done.� My first book is The Management Models Pocketbook.

Then I hoped for another.� I pitched a number of ideas and Management Pocketbooks committed to a second book, the Handling Resistance Pocketbook.

At around the same time, Pearson also committed to this project, Brilliant Influence.� So by the end of the year, I can expect to have three books on sale.

So what next?

Seeing that stand made me think – now I have a goal to see my book on that stand and others like it.� Wouldn’t that be fantastic.� I didn’t think I needed any more motivation to make it the best book it could possibly be; but I’ve got it anyway.

… and then?

I’m the sort that’s never satisfied.� So if I am fortunate enough to see my book on that stand, I don’t doubt my next goal will be to see it at the top of the stand

… with another one coming up behind it?

Watch this space!

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