I have made a real start on the book today, getting the chapter structure really clear in my mind and laying out a plan for the whole book.

Something New

I’m really excited about this little book because I think it covers a topic that is not addressed by any existing books.� It will be unique.� I also have some great content that I have been road testing over the last few years in seminars, keynotes and in training rooms.

The Structure of the Book

I’m not ready yet to disclose the chapter titles – they may evolve over time and there are one or two where I am not happy yet with the wording of the titles.� What I can say now is that the book will have thirteen chapters (plus or minus) divided into five sections:

1.� The Nature of Resistance

Why people resist and the different ways they resist.� I’ll introduce my “Onion Model” of resistance and discuss some key principles for handling resistance.

2.� Fundamental Techniques (for handling resistance)

Lots and lots of tools and techniques.� Anyone who has been to one of my seminars or training sessions will expect no less!

3.� Talking Cures

The power of questions and answers to deal with resistance.

4.� A String of Onions

Applying the Onion Model to a range of resistance scenarios: sales, change, learning.

5.� Beyond Resistance

What happens when resistance escalates to conflict, and how to deal with that.

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