“Do you have any dangerous objects?” the check-in clerk at Southampton Airport asked me.

“Just a pen” I answered.� She looked blank.

“Mightier than the sword.” I explained.� She wasn’t amused.

Anyway, now I have completed mapping all my content into the nine chapters, and planning each chapter out in detail, I am ready to start writing this morning.� I am ahead of schedule, to deliver my first draft by my editor’s target date.

Brilliant Influence: Contents

Here, then, is the planned content of Brilliant Influence.

Part 1:� Introduction to Influence

The Basics:� What everybody knows about influencing
We all know how to influence others � but we also have a lot more that we can learn. We’ll look at attitude, actions and coercion.

The Personal Touch:� How you cannot help influencing me
You influence other people � like it or not � just by how you are.� We’ll look at body language, expression, clothes, accessories, etc.� and we will tackle the crucial role of rapport.

Influence us by understanding how we make decisions
The key elements of how we make decisions and how therefore, you as an influencer can pick up on our patterns and frame your arguments or requests appropriately.

Part 2:� Your Message

Content Matters: What you say is important �
Your ideas or what you actually want people to do are important � you will never persuade someone to do what is not in their interest, or accept a bad idea.� Learn the importance of a clear reason �why� and how to structure your argument or request to give it real power.

� and how you say it is also important:� The power of language
How do the specific words you choose and the way you sequence them affect your influence?� Learn about your choice of words, which words have particular power, and how to sequence them effectively.

Part 3:� Tools and Techniques of Influence

Use self interest � Focus on the question: �what�s in it for me?�
What attracts people to get involved in something, to help you out or to agree with you?� Self interest is a driving force in influencing.

Find opportunities to share the benefit
Humans tend to be altruistic and fair minded; the old �give and take�.� You will learn the basics of negotiation and how the popular concept of �win-win� negotiation can apply to influencing.

The psychology of influence:� Understand how we�re wired
An amazing range of psychological observations can show you how to get results.� Learn powerful step-by-step techniques to win compliance.

Part 4:� Conclusions

But wait, there�s more:� Put it all together
What you�ve learned and how to put it all together.� Success comes from persistence, and no one technique has a guarantee attached to it.� To get the best results, you will need to put together what you have learned, and practice it.

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