Well, after years of mulling the ideas and including them in training, articles and platform talks, keynotes and seminars, The Handling Resistance Pocketbook is finally written.

That is to say, the manuscript is with Ros, the Management Pocketbooks editor.� How much work it needs between now and publication is for Ros to judge and when it gets published is a matter of all sorts of scheduling factors, all of which are out of my control.

But I am happy � I can focus on my next book, Brilliant Influence, and working on other projects.


I did promise in an earlier blog to update you with the contents list for the book, so here it is, in its �first draft� form:

The Nature of Resistance

Why people resist and the different ways they resist.� I�ll introduce my �Onion Model� of resistance and discuss some key principles for handling resistance.

1. Why do People Resist?

2. The Onion Model of Resistance

3. Principles for Handling Resistance

Fundamental Techniques (for handling resistance)

Lots and lots of tools and techniques.� Anyone who has been to one of my seminars or training sessions will expect no less!

4. The Power of Process

5. Stay in Harmony


The power of questions and answers to deal with resistance.

6. Asking Questions

7. Reframing Concerns

A String of Onions

Applying the Onion Model to a range of resistance scenarios: sales, change, learning.

8. Resistance to Change

9. Objections to Sales

10. Resistance to Learning

Beyond Resistance

What happens when resistance escalates to conflict, and how to deal with that.

11. Conflict

12. Playing Games

13. �I like to resist�

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