The Next Bend

by Mike Clayton  - June 16, 2010

For some people, the most valuable time in their week is 30 minutes to an hour of high quality, time-limited thinking time, which they set aside to think about what they don�t have time to think about at any other time; the things they are missing when they look at their plans, the questions they haven�t yet thought to ask, or the new ideas that will take their thinking, their products or their services forward to the next stage.

So why is it that so few of us carve time out of our working week to do nothing other than think? Could it be that sitting in a quiet place with nothing but a coffee, and maybe a notebook and pen, does not feel like work? If it moves your thinking forward, or anticipates a problem, or resolves a knotty problem, then it is more than just �work�, it is real value creation.

The best place to look around the next bend is informal and relaxed; a coffee shop, a pleasant meeting room, a hotel foyer. Do it on your own, or do it with colleague, but whatever you do, just do it.

This is a short extract from Chapter 6 of Brilliant Time Management

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