I am massively relieved at having completed the first draft of Brilliant Time Management on time – how could I hold my head up otherwise?

In fact, this was far from easy.� I committed to a tight deadline, to ensure that the book has the best chance of appearing before the end of the year, and then had to deal with a sudden death in the family mid-way.� So what time management tips did I learn on the way:

  1. A supportive family
    Without my wife’s support, I could not have coped with everything and still got this done on time
  2. Preparation
    I had prepared carefully, sketching out the contents of each chapter and the broad through line that would connect my ideas.� Writing became a matter of the discipline to get those ideas onto paper.
  3. Discipline
    There were mornings when I would have rather done nothing.� Making progress a priority got me through them.
  4. Monitoring progress
    By counting words at the end of each writing session, and checking them off against my publisher’s 40,000 word specification, gave me a real sense of progress – and therefore achievement.� We are all motivated by achievement, so I focused on the proportion of work done; rather than the work to do.
  5. Use my Golden Hour
    For me, the best time to think clearly and work effectively is first thing in the morning.� Much as I hate getting up early, I do love the feeling of being up early.� Breakfast-shower-write.� I can get a lot done between 5am and 9am.� And one thing I never did, was open my email programme before completing a good chunk of writing.
2 Responses to Time Tips for Getting a Project Done to Schedule
  1. Good luck with Brilliant Time Management Mike.

    Some sensible advice here and I do sympathise with getting up early though it does have 1 great advantage – it is quiet.

    Ron Rosenhead

  2. I agree with getting up early in the morning, especially in the summer. I found this time great for writing my books. I also had the rule to get dressed not be in my nightwear, otherwise at 10 – 11 o’clock you are not appropriately dressed to answer the door or see anyone!


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