Shift happens, things change.� I took a look at the final proofs for Handling Resistance Pocketbook on Friday.� They are looking great, with Phil�s witty illustrations now fully drawn.� I did, however realise that the contents list has shifted a little from the listing in my 7 April Blog.� So here is a more up-to-date listing, until the usual extract appears on the Handling Resistance Pocketbook page of the� Management Pocketbooks website, which will include the contents page.

1. Introduction

2. The Basic Model of Resistance

3. The Power of Process

4. Stay in Harmony

5. Conversational Techniques

6. Resistance to Change

7. Objections to Sales

8. Resistance to Learning

9. Handling Conflict

10. Handling psychological resistance

If you like the sound of this � and I am sure there is no comparable book on the market, covering this topic, then you can pre-order a copy from amazon: Handling Resistance Pocketbook

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