One of the principal causes of resistance is not what you communicate, nor even how you communicate it.� The problem is in who communicates the message in the first place.

Don�t Shoot the Messenger

The expression �don�t shoot the messenger� implies that the messenger is innocent of all responsibility for the content of the message.� So who is responsible?� This is the person we want to hear from.

The tougher the message is, the more the onus is on you to deliver it yourself, and not hide behind a messenger.� So:

  • If there is a problem with my order, then the most senior person in the fulfilment team should call me
  • If you need to cancel lunch, call me yourself
  • If you are making organisational changes to your team, get in front of them � don�t ask someone from HR to do it

Why do we want to shoot the messenger?� Because we�re angry that the big cheese didn�t have the courage to turn up.� Give the message yourself, and that�s one source of anger and resistance that you won�t have to handle.

� we never do

By the way, here is a link to a lovely cartoon from the fine American cartoonist, Mike Lynch:

Mike Lynch Cartoon in July 7, 2007 Wall Street Journal

Mike Lynch Cartoon in July 7, 2007 Wall Street Journal

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