The advance copies of Brilliant Influence arrived today, and they will soon (18 November) be in the shops. �You can pre-order it today from Amazon.


To celebrate, here�s a Halloween influencing tip.

Trick or Treat

Fear of consequences is a powerful persuader, but rarely ethical outside the world of innocent childish pranks.� But how does trick or treat really work in most friendly neighbourhoods?� There are three reasons why we always have sweets in on 31 October, ready to feed the tills of the local dental practice:

  1. Social Pressure
    We do what society expects of us, so if you can set up an expectation of what is �right� to do, then you can expect a fair level of compliance
  2. We like cute
    Human beings are predisposed to like children, especially when they are looking their cutest.� If you can make yourself likeable (and cute may or may not be your best strategy), then you can achieve more compliance
  3. We respect the effort
    When children make an effort to dress up and come to your door, then we respect that and give them their just reward.� If you can show appropriate contribution, effort, or commitment, then people will want to pay you back.

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