Yesterday (after a hellish journey home from Newcastle – details below if you are interested), the advance copies of Brilliant Time Management arrived on Thursday 25 November – with formal publication set for 3 December. You can pre-order from you favourite book-seller.

Today, I have posted two new downloads onto this website, which supplement Chapter 2: “Understand how you use your time.” �These are two spreadsheets that allow you to calculate the value of your time, and analyse how you use your time.

These are available on the Downloads page.


My Hellish Journey:
Poor Planning-Good time Management

Newcastle had snow on Wednesday. �It had been forecast since the weekend yet neither the airport nor airline were ready:

– the inbound flight that was due to turn around and take me home could
not land due to 12mm of snow on the runway
– Flybe were not prepared with sufficient staff to deal with at least two
planes-full of annoyed and confused passengers.

Poor planning indeed.�But I was ready.

I had plenty of work to keep me busy, and two books and several magazines to read. �I had my phone charger in my cabin baggage and quickly found an accessible socket to re-charge my phone.

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