Let procrastination be your friend!

ToDayListTwo things struck me the other day as I put my To Do list aside, having created my To Day list:

The first was that one of the things that I�d put on my To Do list some time ago was a repetitive task that I�d played with from time to time but never really committed to.� I had hoped to spend a couple of hours a week on it but had in fact ended up with only a few half-hearted attempts at it over the last few weeks.� They�d taken time and given me little satisfaction and poor returns.� By relegating the whole idea into the �nice idea for when I retire� category, I could comfortably drop it from my To Do list.

Now I�d have more time and less angst � a double win.

The second was that I was supposed to put together my Tuesday today list a 5:30 on Monday afternoon.� I didn�t.� Instead, I got hooked by an idea, stimulated by an email message I�d deleted as a part of my daily Sisyphus impersonation: clearing my email inbox.� It�s not my favourite job and tends to suffer more from procrastination than any other task.� So I followed the idea up, read a few websites, made a few notes and half an hour later, had a still full inbox.� So I made my To Day list for Tuesday and knocked off.

But the good news was this: half an hour of procrastination became half an hour of useful research: productive procrastination: I like it.

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