The core of The Handling Resistance Pocketbook is �The Onion Model�.


Indeed, one of the drivers for writing it was to put my �onion model of resistance� into the wider world.� I originally developed this in the context of resistance to change and used it in training and facilitation sessions for the last eight years.� Six years ago, a client I was working with on advanced presentation skills asked me for tips on dealing with disagreement and resistance from the audience � sometimes hostile � and I found the model adapted well.� Then, four years ago, I did a seminar on influence for sales-people and was asked how to handle sales objections.� Guess what, the model pretty much worked there too.� So now there are three flavours of one fundamental model � voila.

I will be explaining the onion model on 6 April, 10am, at London Olympia, at the CIPD HRD 2011 Exhibition.

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