You will rarely have the opportunity to make a case for something that is so self-evidently right, that nobody could doubt it.� We don�t need to make the case for these things.� Usually, in� the real world, there are counter-arguments.

And when there are, your best bet is to tackle them up front.� If what you do is ignore them, the belief that you are wrong will only be strengthened as I hear your case and recognise a flaw.� I will now be discounting the value of what you are saying.

So, instead, acknowledge the weakness immediately:

�� At this point some people will be thinking�
let me tackle that straight away.�

When you have done that, you can move on to the next positive argument in support of your case, having neutralised the opposition.� The people who were thinking you�d got it wrong can now pay full attention to you, rather than mentally prepare their counter-argument.

Handling objections up front as part of your case will strengthen your argument.

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