Sixteen years ago, my friend and colleague, Judith, pointed out to me that:
�women notice shoes�.

Sweeping Generalisation Alert

I about to talk in generalisations here, so there are exceptions, of course.� I am also talking about British culture, as I know the details of no other � although I suspect that similar cultures, like North America, will be similar in this sense too.

To many men, shoes are shoes.
We wear shoes that look good and are comfortable; then we forget them.

To women, shoes tell a story
� about personality, attitude and status.

Sweep away the Generalisations

Whether or not the generalisations hold, we all do notice details � although we may not notice them at a conscious level.� At the unconscious level, shiny, well-cared-for shoes, immaculate grooming and carefully-chosen accessories tell us a lot about the person in front of us.� When you take care of the details, it says more to people than �you care about the details�.� It also says �you have the time to care� and this implies status.� Throughout history, only the richest and most influential people were able to invest in the unnecessary details and we carry that prejudice with us today.

Increase your influence with a little attention to detail.

Roll forward sixteen years

I was reminded of this by another friend and colleague, Angela Marshall.� Angela and I are in the early stages of planning an event for the autumn, called �How to make a Stronger Impact when Presenting and Selling�.� I will be speaking about business influence and persuasion, sharing seven secrets with our audience.� Angela will then show them how to maximise their impact be choosing an appearance that confers instant credibility, whilst working with their true personality.

How to make a stronger impact when selling and presenting, with Mike Clayton and Angela Marshall

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