Brilliant Project Leader

by Mike Clayton  - April 11, 2011

I started work on Brilliant Project Leader as soon as I returned from holiday, on 28 March, but today, 11 April 2011, marks the start of writing the book.

When I write, I have a routine of meticulously planning the whole book, chapter by chapter, section by section. �Only when that is done do I start writing but, once it is done, I can write pretty fast. �I usually aim to write a chapter in one day, so that Brilliant Project Leadership will take me around 16 days of writing: a day for each chapter and one day each for the introduction, conclusion, appendices and bits and pieces (biog, acknowledgements etc).

So, with a fair amount of confidence, I can announce the contents of Brilliant Project Leader.

Author acknowledgements

Part 1:� The Four Essentials of Team Leadership

Chapter 1: You get the team you deserve
Chapter 2: Focus on Individuals
Chapter 3: Build and share a clear plan
Chapter 4: Foster a true sense of team spirit
Chapter 5: Communicate relentlessly � and well

Part 2: Leading your Project Team at each Stage of the Project

Chapter 6: Project Definition Stage
Chapter 7: Project Planning Stage
Chapter 8: Project Delivery Stage
Chapter 9: Project Closure Stage

Part 3:� Project Team Leadership in Tough Times

Chapter 10: Tough Times: Meeting Resistance
Chapter 11: Tough Times: Crisis
Chapter 12:� Tough Times: Tough Leader



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