�People like people who are like themselves�

This is a pretty familiar saying and certainly one you can rely upon when trying to influence others.� However, there is another version that is equally true, but less familiar.

�People like people who are like they want to be�

The first version works on the �I�m gorgeous, fly me� principle.� We are influenced by the people we like and we like people who are like us, because, being like us, they must be �okay�.

The second version is a powerful influencer for a different reason.� It works on the �your doctor would tell you to� principle.� We are influenced by people who are like we want to be, because they are obviously a little ahead of us in whatever aspiration we have, and therefore have a measure of real credibility.� And, of course, they clearly have got to where we want to be, so must have made a choice that is �okay�.

Notice that, for some people, this will fail if the gap between them and the person trying to influence them is too great.� �You may be where I want to be, but you�re so far ahead of me that we clearly don�t have anything in common� they would think.� There may even be some jealousy.

The practical tip

imageEither match dress/status style of the person you want to influence,
or dress half a notch above them.

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