Sophia�s guide to Persuasion

by Mike Clayton  - April 1, 2011

Sophia (?????): goddess of wisdom, mistress of influence

Sophia indicates a simple seven step process for persuasion.

  1. State clearly and unambiguously what you want
  2. If you meet any resistance, deny the resistance and
    re-state your requirement, exactly as before
  3. If necessary, reiterate your point by responding to
    any resistance with a vehement �no!�
    Feel free to escalate to a duplex-no: �no! No!�
  4. Now preface your request with �I need��
  5. If this is still not working, add the word �now!� to
    the end of your demand
  6. Supplement the �now!� with a simultaneous stamp
    of your foot, for emphasis
  7. If you need to enhance your technique, now is a
    good time to start crying.


Sophia is my 2� year-old

Sophia, mistress of influence, queen of persuasion

  1. �I want blueberries�
  2. �No, I want blueberries�
  3. �No!�
  4. �I need blueberries�
  5. �I need blueberries now!�
  6. �I need blueberries now!�
  7. �whhhaaaa�

Happy April First


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