I wonder whether it will be possible to draw a meaningful business lesson or insight from each episode of the current series of The Apprentice, which started on BBC television in the UK last night. �Let’s start with Episode 1, and see how we get on.

“Roll with the punches”

This was yesterday’s catch-phrase. �In fact, what Edward Hunter said was:

“For me, it’s rolling with the punches and I want my team to do the same.”

This struck me as a powerful strategic mind at work, although I knew they were doomed when Edward said:

“I want to go with soup, because you can’t get it wrong.”

Hubris, dear boy: it’s time to read some classics. �Of course, his next sentence gave it all away:

“Does anybody know how to make soup?”

Answer came ther none.

Spoiler alert

Edward’s team lost, and Lord Sugar punished Edward for his failure to recognise that his accounting skills are a valuable business asset and that an entrepreneur needs to plan – and share his plan with fellow team members. �In the end, if Edward is a skilled accountant and if he had a plan, that he kept to himself, then he was punished for poor judgement in not using his skills nor sharing his plan.

My personal view is that he had no real plan.

Apprentice Lesson 1

Failing to plan is no different from planning to fail


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