Too many time management tips focus on time saving and getting things done.� So, in this blog, we’ll look at the joy of doing things at the “right time”.

For all of us, there are special times of the day when we can be especially productive, innovative or enjoy our work best.� Here are five.

1. Prime Time

Prime TimeSchedule your weeks and your days to suit the work and recreation patterns that suit you and the things you need to achieve.� Ensure that the most demanding and important things are scheduled into your “Prime Time” – those times of the day and week when you are at your best and really able to concentrate on delivering true value.� Leave the little tasks to the times of day when your energy dips.

2. Golden Hour

Golden HourFor many of us, there is a particular time of the day – maybe not every day – when we are at absolute best.� Your mind is sharp and you have a lot of energy.� Just as photographers will get up early for that special dawn light to get the perfect shot, or wait for the magical light of dusk, so you will create, achieve, enjoy more in your “Golden Hour”.

3. Creative Time

Creative TimeSet aside a time in your week when you can go somewhere special to really stimulate your creativity and foster your most innovative thinking.� Make sure you are equipped with a notepad and pen to capture your ideas, and arrange some time shortly after so you can harness your ideas and create some action.

4. Next Bend

Next BendTake time out regularly to sit and think.� Use your “Thinking Time” to review what is happening and what is new, so you can start to anticipate what is coming around the next bend.� For some people, a quiet half hour on your own is not work.� But really, it is the most valuable work you can do.� “Important but not Urgent” in its purest form.

5. Focus Time

Focus TimeFifteen minutes to kill before your meeting?� Go into a cafe and clear some paperwork.� A half hour train journey?� Think through a structure and key points for your forthcoming presentation.� Fill the gaps when you have nothing to do with truly valuable work or creative thinking, and you will be amazed what you can achieve in these “Magic Minutes”.

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