The Apprentice 2011Tomorrow’s Apprentice will whittle the final five into the four finalists, who will go forward to the interviews.

Which means we are nearly at the end, and nearly at the end of the business lessons to learn – although doubtless there will be a couple tomorrow as the candidates set up their fast food trading outlets..

Looking Back

Looking back over the series so far, it has been a good one and we have certainly been able to tease out a lot of lessons from the candidates’ performances. �Here then is a collation of all of the lessons I have drawn in previous blogs. �For a full listing of all my 2011 Apprentice blogs, click here.

Apprentice Lesson No:

  1. Failing to plan is no different from planning to fail.
  2. Of each particular thing ask: what is it in itself? �Discern its true nature.
    (Marcus Aurelius)
  3. Before you meet your counter-party for any negotiation: prepare scrupulously.
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  4. Focus relentlessly on that which is most important.
  5. Listen hard and recognise that, whilst you may have the final decision, you may
    not have the greater wisdom.
  6. If you have a pitch or presentation to give, use all the prep time you have and
    rehearse, rehearse, rehearse.
  7. Being good at estimating is a hugely valuable business skill, in all arenas.
  8. Being smart is not enough. �Getting to the top needs something more�
    For another take on The Apprentice, and a link to Jim Collins� Level 5
    Leadership,�take a look at�this�Management Pocketblog.
  9. Use the diversity of team perspectives to create a better decision.
  10. Listen and watch for the signals, and always be prepared to negotiate.
  11. To thrive in today�s market, preparedness for multicultural business is essential.
  12. You must set aside your own opinions and gather market data objectively.
  13. Research your prospects.
  14. Rapport building and a prepared pitch bring in the sales.
  15. Know your audience. �Fashion your message to have impact – in the right way.
  16. Get your product right for a section of the market, and people will want it.

  17. Use your common sense (I can’t believe I needed to draw that lesson!)

  18. Listening is strength

  19. If you are going into business, you must be in command of the numbers

And three top tips, that could well have been lessons

  1. Inventory your resources at the start of any project.
  2. Research the facts
  3. If you want to be right all of the time,
    be prepared to change your mind quickly when you are wrong.

I am on holiday at the moment and won’t be able to see tomorrow’s episode until I return – which means no analysis until Monday. �I hope you enjoy it and, in the meantime, if you are following this blog, I’ve lined up a treat for you on Thursday, as a reward.


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