The Apprentice 2011Tom Pellereau was a worthy winner. �I couldn’t help spotting a great interview with Tom in today’s online Daily Telegraph.

If you have followed the show and, like me, admired Tom’s performance, you will enjoy the interview with Chris Harvey. �If you did not think much of Tom, then maybe this will start to change your mind.

Read it here.

Anyway: interesting background among the sea of Apprentice trivia and sensationalising about some of the candidates that some of the tabloids are carrying… who cares? �Oh yes, we all do – that’s why the News of the World was once the top-selling Sunday paper.

However, congratulations, Tom, on your engagement to Sarah Fawcus.

Update: Tom’s Patents

If you rate yourself a patent geek, you may want to take a look at Steve van Dulken’s “Patent Search Blog” on the British Library’s blog site. �This has drawings and descriptions of three of Tom’s inventions – including the curved nail file. �This last one has the simplest patent application drawing that I have ever seen.

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