Well, today I received my copies of Brilliant Stress Management from the publisher – and very good they look too. �Thank you, Pearson.

Brilliant Stress Management - First CopiesHere are two of the first six, sitting on my desk. �The other copies are already bespoken for.

Of course, I gave the first copy to my wife, Felicity, straight away. �The book is dedicated to her (as, by the way, was Brilliant Time Management).

“To Felicity, the happy woman”

You’ll be able to get your copies very soon. It will be formally published �mid-August, at �10.99, although all good bookshops, like Amazon, allow you to pre-order and get your copy as soon as it is available.

I am also very pleased that Brilliant Stress Management will be Brilliant Book of the Month for September, at WH Smith travel bookshops – meaning that there should be plenty in stock to buy as you travel around the country, getting stressed waiting for planes or trains.

WH Smith Shop-front

�An easy read for an inner calm. This book is engaging, practical and packed with simple to achieve exercises that really do help you combat stress.�

Matthew Cole Clinical Director,�York Stress & Trauma Centre

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