Dilly-dallying. Frittering time away. Idling. Loafing. Loitering.
Procrastination takes many forms, each eating away at your time and dulling your edge. Battle procrastination and take action with Dr Mike Clayton’s seven ways to get started when you’d rather stay still.

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We have all had one of those days. Sometimes a little too often. We have plenty of time, but nothing gets done. Yes, we find plenty to do, but it seems to be anything but the things we were supposed to be doing.

Some of us even lose most of our time, because we fritter it away, doing nothing very much. This is easier than doing something important, which takes concentration and, significantly, involves the possibility of failure.

Hedgehog by Daniel WehnerSo, rather like a hedgehog, it is easier to curl up into a little ball of inaction: it feels safe. Of course, most of us feel uncomfortable with total inaction, so we replace meaningful activity with meaningless “displacement” activities. This is procrastination: putting off what we know we need to do.

The first step to conquering procrastination is to own up to it. Once you do that, you may find you can get on with the job at hand. If not, here is a sample of seven ways to conquer procrastination and get things done.

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