What is management without vision and inspiration?

The sad news about Steve Jobs� untimely death has spurred more blogs than anyone has the time to read, so just a short blog and a simple observation.

A bigger bite out of Apple

Making the complex seem easy and the sophisticated, a doddle to use: this is more than talent, or skill: it�s art.

Last week, for the first time in my life, I heard a major news story first, not on the radio, not on the TV, not in the press, nor even from a colleague, friend, or acquaintance.� I heard it on Twitter.

� on an iPad.

The world is a better place for everyone who is bringing us new technology and more effective communication.� Yes there are compromises and a price to pay, but who would trade it?� Very few.

Steve Jobs brought us the Mac, the Newton, the iPod and more.� But here�s the big one for me: without him, we may still think of a mouse only as a small mammal.� Without Steve Jobs, what would the move to touch screen mean?

This image is the landing page of the Apple website, as I write this blog.  (c) Apple 2011

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