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In Part 1, we met Steve Hudson, creator of the Hudson Voice Technique.
This is a systematic process for using your voice like a precision tool to convey
emotion and conviction, draw your listener in, and enhance memory retention.
This is an essential part of your influencing toolkit.

Let’s look at another couple of elements of the technique that I found particularly
compelling. I knew already that a falling intonation at the end of a sentence conveys
certitude, whilst a level intonation can leave the listener uncertain, confused or even
doubtful. A rising tone betokens a question.

And I also knew – as many of us do – that I speak too quickly to optimise my vocal impact. I was taken with Steve’s simple exercise to help slow me down and have been practicing it sporadically (sorry Steve). What rather grabbed me though were two other elements of Steve’s end of sentence drill.

Ending a Sentence

  1. Stop on a falling inflexion
  2. Breathe
  3. Count two beats (there is no magic in two, but they will get you comfortable with a proper pause)
  4. Start your next sentence with vigour

It sounds simple, but I am astonished how much difference two beats can make to the way I read text – and speak in seminars (I was fortunate to be doing two seminars on the day after I visited Steve, so could practice).

Punctuate the Un-punctuated bits

Steve used a memorable phrase that:

‘written words are a set of instructions from the author, to the reader’

Sometimes, however, some of the instructions are missing and Steve showed me how to insert mental commas into the text to create small blocks of text – each carrying one idea only. These make it easier for the listener to follow, to assimilate the ideas and make sense of them. Remarkably, the technique will help you read un-punctuated and technical text in a way that will make sense to the listener, even if you have no idea what it is about.

And there is more

I’d love to tell you all about the other elements of Steve’s technique, but it would hardly seem fair. I had a good session with him and am grateful for the opportunity to pass it on, but if you want more, then now’s the time to go the Voice Master website and, if you are interested, follow it up.

And if you want to learn more about influencing:

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For the Record

Steve offered me the session because I expressed interest, and I enjoyed it and value what I learned. I am not qualified to assess Steve’s methods against other competing ideas and neither do I have any commercial interest in Steve’s business. His ideas are interesting to me and I offer them to you in the spirit in which Steve offered them to me: take it or leave it.

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