For the avoidance of doubt, I have never met, nor had any contact with super-model Naomi Campbell.
But I had heard of her.

Harper's Bazaar Dec 2011: "Inside the world of the Supers"However, my equally chic and stylish friend, Judith, is a reader of Harper’s Bazaar
and phoned me on Sunday evening, to tell me that Naomi has also heard of me.
Thank you Judith -�you made my evening.

Naomi Campbell appears in the December issue of the UK edition of Harper’s Bazaar,
along with four other super-models, Cindy Crawford, Yasmin Le Bon, Eva Herzigova,
and Helena Christensen. They are portraying the five Duran Duran band members,
although they don’t look much like a boy-band on the cover of the magazine!

If you click on the magazine cover to the left, you can go to the Harper’s Bazaar website
and read highlights from that feature, and look at the pictures. I hope the taxman/woman
will forgive me, however, because I have bought the print copy too -�as a business expense.

Take a look at Page 2 of 6 of the online story and you’ll see why.

Naomi’s World

On page 209 of the print edition is a fetching photo of Naomi Campbell in
‘Satin body, Dolce & Gabbana. Fur sleeves, Thierry Mugler’

Those details for the benefits of my fashion conscious readers and no, if the sleeves are real fur, I really don’t endorse it.
At those prices, I can see why Harper’s could not afford the rest of the jacket and had to settle just for sleeves.

Anyway, to the point.’ Naomi is interviewed and is asked:

“What is your enduring motto?”

…�to which she replies:

‘Trying to erase stress from my life as much as possible.
I’m, reading an amazing book called
Brilliant Stress Management
by Mike Clayton.’

Thank you Naomi. I truly hope you find it helpful.
I have tried to find a contact address/email, but for obvious reasons, there are none on her website.
But if Naomi’s publicist picks up on this article (after all, Google Alerts are free), please pass on my thanks and my contact details!

Harper's Bazaar Dec 2011 Naomi Campbell interview p.209 � Hearst Magazines UK

Note: I have applied to the online editor of Harper’s Bazaar for permission to reproduce images and guidance about preferred protocols.
I will be happy to make any changes that they request. The images and quoted text are (c) Hearst Magazines UK.

Brilliant Stress Management

BrSM_WHSmith_31Oct2011I am very proud of Brilliant Stress Management.
It is selling well at WH Smith and has been in their
Top 50 for a few months now.

You can learn more about the book at the
Brilliant Stress Management website, and
read my Stress Management blogs.


Oh yes, one last thing: it’s my birthday today,
so it would be a good day to buy one of my books!

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