Have you ever been let down by someone? Maybe you asked a colleague to go prepare an analysis for you.� Perhaps you asked a client to make a decision.� Or did you order something form an online retailer?

Then what happens?

You get on with your work or your life but hey�

  • Where is that analysis?
  • I need to meet a deadline, but no decision.
  • Where is that thing I ordered and need today?

You want to get angry

� with your colleague, client or retailer.� But at the bottom of your heart, you know that part of the fault lies with you: you didn�t track it.� You didn�t check and you didn�t issue a reminder before it became too late.

It�s Time to keep a �To Check� list

ToCheckListYou can adapt your favourite software, use a new platform, or simply stick to keeping a new page in your notebook.� You can even do it on a scrap of paper on your desk.

Keep a list of requests, you made and commitments others have given that you need.� Ideally, these will be arranged in chronological order, so that you can easily find the ones to follow-up on.� The primary gate should be the date you need to follow-up if they aren�t delivered; not the date they are due.

If you want a simple paper system, I�ve added a �To Check� list to the set of templates that you can download from the Brilliant Time Management website.

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