Wise Way to Get More Done

by Mike Clayton  - March 1, 2012

Work smarter: not Harder

It almost deserves one of those corny motivational posters that you see: a bit like this, I suppose:

Work Smarter: Not Harder - image (c) U.S. Army Environmental Command

Wisdom demands more than just smarter work practices, however.� If you want to get more out of your day, you need to understand how your brain and body work.� And for most of us, that means recognising a natural dip in alertness in the early afternoon.� All the research shows that a fifteen to twenty minute nap � or just a break � just after lunch will reduce the effects of your afternoon dip and re-charge you mental and physical batteries.

For example, if pilots get a 30 minute nap on a long-haul flight, their reaction time improves.� Compared this to pilots who don�t nap and experience a 34% decrease in performance.� Who would you want flying your plane?

It isn�t the number of hours that you work, which determines the value you deliver.� It is the total value you deliver during the hours you work.

How to Power Nap

It is as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Make it a regular slot on your early afternoon, just after your lunch.
  2. Find somewhere quiet and undisturbed and put your phone on silent � or off.
  3. Relax � make it your objective to breathe regularly, rather than to sleep.
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