Wunderkit as Time Management Tool

by Mike Clayton  - March 8, 2012

I�ve been starting to use a great new piece of web software called Wunderkit.� I love it!

imageRecently, I became a fan of Trello
� and wrote about it on my other blog, Shift Happens!
Take a look at that article.

Trello is not a project management tool, but it is suitable for project collaboration.� You can also use it for your own task management and it is well worth taking a look at.

Wunderkit is also not a �proper� project management tool but what it is is a fantastic tool for small scale projects that you may be doing on your own, or with collaborators.� Both Trello and Wunderkit allow you to invite multiple collaborators, both work through your browser, so need no installation, and both allow real time collaboration via a shared cloud-stored set of information.� However, whereas Trello is based on the principle of Kanban, Wunderkit is even more intuitive.� Let�s take a look at one of my Wunderkit projects.� It�s been a top secret project: it�s my next book.

Wunderkit Workspace


  1. Down the left hand side are icons representing each of my projects
  2. The project I am looking at is called Smart to Wise, my next book, due out in June.
    The �Profile� button allows me to share visibility across the web or keep it private to the people I invite with the �People� button.� Currently, you can invite via email, Facebook or Twitter � I�d like to see a LinkedIn connection too..� The profile allows me also to name and describe the project, allocate an image for the icon, and configure the look of the workspace (shown with the default wooden look).
  3. Each project has a dashboard and, currently, two other �Apps� (4 & 5).� Wunderkit are promising more Apps as they move forward, although some will be for premium users.� This will be their way of making money as all the functionality I am describing is free.� Wunderkinder folk, if you are reading � I�d love to review premium apps as they roll-out!
  4. Each project can have tasks assigned to it, and
  5. � notes associated with it.� Userrs can comment on the tasks and notes, to build up a social dialogue.
  6. You can also group these tasks into sub-projects by creating lists.� You are looking at my �Enhanced eBook� list here, and can see others on the grey panel.
  7. When you create a task, you can assign dates, tags and people to it.� The tasks in the task list below can also be manually re-sequenced.
  8. When you want to create a new project, it is easy.� Each project is called a �Workspace�.� One click brings up a simple dialogue and it takes under a minute.� Each workspace has its own direct URL too, for easy access.� Yes, I have checked � private workspaces are not accessible unless you are logged in � the direct URL just takes you to the Wunderkit home page.

As an added bonus there are apps for mobile devices too, so I can work on projects and collaborate via my iPhone.

This will be great for school collaborations within and between schools, is perfect for collaborations by independent professionals like me and will be a real boon to small and medium sized businesses for both internal and, even more so, for shared projects with external partners.� It is not a �project management tool� with all that the term means, but is great for simple projects.


This is an excellent piece of software � fabulously easy to use and very practical.� And it is totally free.� Get it now.

Wunderkit�s website: https://get.wunderkit.com/ and here is the five minute tutorial that will give you a great idea how it works.

Statement of interest: I have no financial interest � I am just a user of the free service.


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