Nearly four years on from the start of the financial crisis, times are still tough. Businesses are struggling and so are many families. Everybody is trying to be smart about the way they deliver services, win work, create sales, and manage the finances or family budget. And these are just the surface level problems that people and organisations are facing.

But what of wisdom? It tells us that optimism builds resilience, so this is not an article about doom and gloom, and a licence for pessimism. Another aspect of wisdom is experience � it is a part of the foundations for the seven pillars that make up wisdom.

How well are you tapping into the experience available to you?

Yes, there�s your own experience. If you are able to reflect objectively upon that, it will become a sound base for your immediate judgements. But what about other experience that is available to you: the experiences of the people around you?

Within your organisation, your business, your voluntary group, your circle of friends and your family are many people. How well are you truly tapping into the embedded wisdom that�s there?

A Trouble Shared�

We often hide our troubles from the people we care about; our families and friends, our staff and colleagues. But is this right? Or is it just a little bit patronising? After all, we know that, in all probability, they will suspect � even know � far more than you think.

It would be far more respectful to take them into your confidence and share your concerns, challenges and problems. It may not be their responsibility to help, but few would be unwilling to offer their insights. So ask them.

And here�s the Magic

Talking things over really does help. There are three reasons:

1. More heads = more ideas
Any one of the people you talk to may be sitting on the one idea, or the one piece of information that you need.

2. More talk = less stress
Sharing your troubles is a good way to discharge some of the emotions surrounding them and thus free up your rational brain to think more clearly and resourcefully. And you will feel better too.

3. More chat = more insights
In a genuinely free-flowing conversation, you will be amazed at how deep-buried ideas emerge from your unconscious. It has something to do with the intellectual relaxation and something to do with the random stimulus of ideas that triggers new connections in your brain. Suddenly what was trapped in your unconscious is freed to float to the surface of your conscious mind.

Access the embedded wisdom within the people around you and they may give you the ideas you need � or they may help you access those ideas in yourself. After all � that is exactly what good quality coaching can do.

That�s not just smart: it�s wise.

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