Is the Prime Minister reading Brilliant Stress Management?

by Mike Clayton  - May 2, 2012

Who knows?

Perhaps he should

But in a skit on the week’s political news for BBC2’s “This Week”�programme�on 20 April, Mary Ann Sieghart of The Times imagined herself as a cleaner at Number 10 Downing Street. �She covers all of the Prime Minister David Cameron’s political woes (except, for some reason, the Leveson enquiry and Murdoch scandal).

In the (fake) Number 10 flat was, prominently visible, a copy of Brilliant Stress Management.

This Week - featuring Brilliant Stress Management

Let’s take a closer look…

Close-up of Brilliant Stress Management at the Number 10 flat

You can see the whole six minute piece here or by clicking on the image below.

You can read more about Brilliant Stress Management at its dedicated website,
and buy a copy of Brilliant Stress Management here.

Westminster week news round up from Mary Ann Sieghart 20 April 2012

First Naomi Campbell, then an imagined PM; who next? �

Who in public life needs a copy of Brilliant Stress Management?
Use the comments below to tell us.

Thank you to Andy Shakeshaft for spotting this feature, and letting me know.

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