Smart or Wise?�
We all have a bit of both, of course.

But which do you allow to dominate your thinking?

� and which one do you allow to be your representative to the world?

Think of two versions of you, both sharing space in your mind; both speaking inside your head; both vying to control what you say out loud; each battling to dictate your choices and actions in the world.

S-You and W-You

We might call these two voices: the �Smart you� and the �Wise you� � or maybe S-You and W-You.

S-You & W-You

So, we all have wisdom: the problem is how to access it � how to hear the voice of W-You. In most of us, S-You has a loud voice.� It shouts.

Wise you, on the other hand, tends to whisper.� To hear it, you need to listen carefully.� You need to turn down the volume of S-You and concentrate hard to let W-You come through.

Hearing W-You

Smart you is a familiar voice though.� So it will take courage, as well as discipline, to turn it down.� But you can.� You can listen carefully:

  • when you are at your most relaxed
  • when you are distracted from smartness by physical activity
  • when you have slept and then wake
  • when you sense a persistent doubt about your intentions
  • when you stop for a moment and just reflect

And when you do, you will discover your wisdom.

.. and then you will be a step further on your journey from Smart to Wise.

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