The Wisdom of Cognitive Enhancement

by Mike Clayton  - May 30, 2012

Smart to Wise can now offer you a set of powerful cognitive enhancers
with no adverse side effects.

Controversy is only just beginning to bite, around the ethics and safety of cognitive enhancement drugs like Modafinil � see for example this BBC report.� We can be sure that society will increasingly debate the ethics over coming months and years, as new drugs come onto the market.

It is also true that there are currently no drugs on the market that can offer both efficacy and zero side effects.� All must be used with caution, under medical care, and all are primarily designed for another specific purpose.� And we have only just begun to see the first data that will contribute to valid evidence about the long term effects of these drugs.

Safe and Efficacious

But Smart to Wise, as ever, offers advice.

There is a set of powerful cognitive enhancers with:

  • proven efficacy
  • no adverse side effects
  • short and long term evidence base

Here is a sample of those methods�

Method 1

Sleep & Relaxation


Good rest and relaxation, and plenty of sleep
� but not too much.

Method 2

Books and readingBooks, magazines, newspapers.
Read widely and take influences from many places.

Method 3

Good Food & DrinkGood quality food and drink,
made and consumed with care.

Method 4

Museums - this one is the incomparable British MuseumMuseums, cultural attractions, talks,
conferences and events of all kinds.

Method 5

MusicWriting, performing and listening to music.
� oh, and even dancing to it!

Method 6

ArtCreating, viewing, discussing and enjoying art
of any sort.� Even discussing whether something is art, or not.

Method 7

Socialising & ConversationConversation and social life.
Being with people and interacting with them.
humans are, above all else, social creatures.

Method 8

Worthwhile & Interesting WorkWorthwhile and interesting work
that excites and challenges you.

The Apprentice 2012, Episode 11: It’s always Strategy

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