Are we the smartest creatures on Earth?

A simple and common analysis would have it that we are, yes.� For example, we:

  • have a sophisticated language capability
  • use tool to extend the range of our bodies� capabilities
  • produce music, literature, art, drama and sciences
  • modify our environment extensively
  • have spread more widely across our globe than almost any other organism
  • have left our planet � albeit in small numbers for short periods

But are we the wisest?

  • we wage systematic warfare against our own kind
  • we tyrannise and abuse members of our own society, based on superficial differences
  • we hunt wild creatures to extinction for reasons no better than superstitions about the benefits of eating individual body parts
  • we have developed sophisticated scientific understanding of our world yet cleave to superstition and magical thinking
  • we are destroying our environment and many of the species with which we share it
  • � yet many of us refuse to take meaningful action to reverse or even mitigate the damage we are doing

Smart to Wise . . .

As a species, we still have a long way to go.

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