Articles supporting my newest book,�Smart to Wise, are starting to appear in the press, and this is one of my favourites.

Commissioned by�Changing Careers�magazine,��Smart is Not Enough��discusses how wisdom opens doors for you as you contemplate your next career move, and it reflects on some of my own experiences.� In the article, I use the framework of Seven Pillars that I developed for the book to show readers where to invest, to help them develop their careers.

Smart is not enough spread 1-2


You can read the article on pages 8-11 of the
June 2012 edition of Changing Careers.

You can read more articles about wisdom on
the Smart to Wise website.

Smart is not enough spread 3-4�Mike Clayton has an enviable ability to make the most complex and challenging subjects ordered and accessible. This book gives practical guidance in a sequenced and structured way on how to increase your ability to not only be clever but also to be wise.

Drawing on the writings of great philosophers from the past, and the science of the present he pulls it altogether into a readable, easy to follow developmental process. I recommend this book both to those who are interested in developing their own capacity for wisdom, and those charged with developing the potential of others.�

Sarah Lewis, MD and Principal Psychologist at Appreciating Change,
and author of� Positive Psychology at Work and
Appreciative Inquiry for Change Management

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