Smart to Wise Interview

by Mike Clayton  - July 26, 2012

Global Networking CouncilI was recently invited to do an interview with Rob Brown at
The Global Networking Council (GNC), for his
“Networking Giants” online radio show.


In a wide-ranging 23 minute interview, Rob and I talk about:

  • The�definition of wisdom�and why it’s not just being smart.
  • Why�being smart�is not good enough in today’s world of business.
  • The relationship between knowledge and�wisdom from a business perspective.
  • Why wisdom is the most�crucial asset for successful business�people today.
  • Accurately forecasting�or interpreting trends is a sign of wisdom.
  • It takes wisdom to�give good advice�in today’s complex, busy world.
  • Making the complex understandable is the�mark of the wise man�or woman.
  • How wisdom can help you�stand out in tough, competitive times.
  • Credibility is the ability to�inspire trust�in your judgement, and that needs wisdom!
  • How�gravitas and wisdom�magnetically draw people to you.
  • The need to�see connections�between deep expertise and broad insight for true wisdom.
  • The�benefits of wisdom�in making you the trusted advisor and ‘go to’ choice.
  • Why only other people can judge you to have�wisdom, not yourself.
  • Life is�decisions and choices, and wisdom helps you make better ones.
  • Seeing�wisdom�as a house built with seven pillars.
  • Nobody is born wise -�wisdom is coachable�and something everyone can develop.
  • The seven key skills and attributes you need to�become wise.
  • Self-mastery�is the�foundation of wisdom�- when you truly know who you are.
  • Perception�is seeing what’s happening differently and better than everyone else.
  • The role of character and judgement in�developing wisdom.
  • How you conduct yourself is the manifestation of�true wisdom.
  • Wisdom gives you immediate�authority�whenever you communicate.
  • The difference between a mere fact and a piece of�useful knowledge.
  • How�wise people manage�to turn facts into insight.
  • Why�niching�can be dangerous for you and your business!
  • Three quick steps to start�developing greater wisdom�and gravitas.
  • Why the wisest people are�committed to learning�at every opportunity.
  • Wisdom tip: it matters less what you say and more what you actually do.

Mike Clayton at the Global Networking Council

You can see the full interview details here, and if you sign-up the GNC (it’s free) you can hear and download the interview.

… or, you can listen to the interview here:

Smart to Wise reviewed in Edge Magazine

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