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by Mike Clayton  - October 4, 2012


The third � and, it seems, final � series of BBC�s Young Apprentice is due to air later this autumn.� There has been no formal announcement yet by the BBC, but Lord Sugar tweeted earlier this week:

�I just heard that Young Apprentice will start in November and run for 8 weeks up to Xmas week.
I will let you know the exact date and times.�

At the end of August he had scotched rumours that he was the reason the show will not be commissioned for a fourth series, tweeting:

�Young Apprentice will be on in October. Decision to make further series taken by BBC not ME.
The Sun and radio stations are talking rubbish.�

The Sun has also reported that the BBC has renewed Lord Sugar’s contract for The Apprentice for two more years. �Let’s wait and see what the BBC says about that.

Young Apprentice 2012

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