The Yes/No Book and Friends

by Mike Clayton  - December 4, 2012

The Yes/No Book is doing astonishingly well – thank you.

The Yes/No Book at No.15 in the W.H. Smith Non-Fiction ChartFirstly, it is reached number 15 in the W.H. Smith non-fiction chart in the week of�26 November and I am hoping it will stay well-placed in the chart for a good few weeks.

Perhaps even more flattering is that it is sandwiched between the latest books by two of my favourite authors:

– Mark Forsyth’s “Horologicon
– Richard Wiseman’s “Paranormality

Both books would make great Christmas presents – as, of course, would mine!

Both writers – although very different in topic and style, have much in common that I admire. �Both write clearly and accurately about fascinating topics. �Both are passionate and highly knowledgeable in their field. �Both have vibrant, informative, and entertaining blogs:

Mark Forsyth’s is The Inky Fool

Richard Wiseman’s is subtitledQuirky Mind Stuff

Press Coverage

I am keeping a full list of press coverage (reviews, articles and interviews) on the Yes/No Book website, here.

Some of the most interesting coverage is:

Our guide to saying No � and how to avoid feeling guilty
You can read the article on the�Wales Online website.

I look at applying the principles of Yes/No to my own daughter in a short guest blog,
called:�Saying �No� to Sophia�at the blog: Bringing up Charlie

An interview with Lucy Walton of the�Female First�website.
In the�interview, Lucy asked me ten questions, including:

– Where did your idea for the book arise from?
-�Who is this book aimed at?
-�What is�a result of saying yes and no at the wrong times?
-�How can we identify if we have fallen in the trap of saying yes and no wrongly?
-�What is next for you?

Why managers are so bad at saying �no�
This is an article I did for an excellent business news website,�Bdaily.

The Yes/No Book by Mike Clayton

The Yes/No Book Website

There is a full website for The Yes/No Book at

There, you can find links to all the press and web articles, details of the contents plus extracts from the book, free downloadable resources and The Yes/No Bookshop.

The Wisdom of Experience

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