Emotional Wisdom

by Mike Clayton  - February 5, 2013

Emotional Wisdom eBook by Mike Clayton

This is the first in a series of eBooks building on Smart to Wise. �Each will fill out an area of wisdom that there was insufficient space to address in the book.

In this short, 5,000 word pdf format e-Book, I define what I mean by emotional wisdom” and how it relates to the more familiar concept of emotional intelligence. �I identify two domains: evaluation and re-evaluation and apply these to:

  • Self
  • Others
  • Relationships

There are three levels to each of these, giving 18 components to emotional wisdom.

These are ideas that I am exploring and I welcome your feedback, so I am making Emotional Wisdom�available for free download, until 31 march 2013.

Two domains of Emotional WisdomDownload Now

Emotional Wisdom

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