The Wisdom of Leadership

by Mike Clayton  - April 17, 2013

The Wisdom of Leadership by Mike Clayton

In a full length feature article for�Training Journal, I explained why simply being smart as a leader is not enough.

The wisdom of leadership

Without a doubt, leaders need to be smart. They need to juggle different aspects of their leadership roles while retaining currency in their areas of technical expertise. They need to have answers – or be able to get them – and they need to motivate and direct the teams who follow them.

Not surprisingly, the study of leadership has become one of the biggest interest areas among academics, business people, public servants and trainers, with new ideas emerging every few years. New approaches are needed to handle changing pressures in life:

. . .

You can download and read the whole article in the Mini eBook,
The Wisdom of Leadership, from the Smart to Wise website.

The Wisdom of Leadership by Mike Clayton

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