Mitchell and Webb Look at The Apprentice

by Mike Clayton  - June 11, 2013

Thank you to my friend Jackie Barrie for alerting me to this amusing take on The Apprentice.

It caused me to ponder. �I remain convinced that most (maybe all) of the candidates are NOT idiots. �It is, however true that something about the format, brings out the latent idiot in many of them and then amplifies and highlights it so that many of them do appear to be idiots.

And, if my thesis that they aren’t idiots is true; then why do they sign up for this: is it just for the hope factor? �Volunteering to be made to look like an idiot seems pretty idiotic, as does a belief that you can somehow escape fate.

So we reach a paradox:

If the candidates are not idiots; they must be idiots to sign up to be made to look like idiots.

If, on the other hand, they really are idiots, then they must be pretty shrewd to realise that a one in sixteen chance of getting a �250,000 investment and mentoring from Lord Sugar is a pretty good reward to being shown to be an idiot.

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