The Yes/No Dictionary Part 1: Yes & No

by Mike Clayton  - June 20, 2013


The Yes/No Book is filled with new and specific concepts in personal effectiveness and time management.� To make a valuable resource for readers, and to introduce non-readers to some of the core concepts of the book, I am preparing a dictionary.

It will be in 13 parts (Superstitious? I�m not) and will have around 50 entries.

Part 1: Yes and No

What could be a better place to start the Yes/No Dictionary than the core concepts of yes and no? Do you think you know all about them? Well read on.

�Yes and no, used properly,
are our ultimate control mechanisms in a social world�






yes (response); a feeble affirmation, more to please someone else than to do what is right. Deprecated

YES (response); a powerful commitment to do something you choose to do.

no (response);� declining an offer, a request of and opportunity. A no can feel negative and lead to sensations of guilt. Deprecated

NO (response, acronym); NO standard for Noble Objection � a positive way to decline an offer, a request of and opportunity.

Noble Objection (response); sometimes NO. This is a positive way to decline an offer, a request of and opportunity. Made for positive and defensible reasons, conforming to a strategy to prioritise goals or duties, and made in a courteous and respectful manner.� A Noble Objection is empowering and the ultimate way to take control of how you use your time.

Yes/No moment (noun); the point at which you take control and act on your choice to say YES or NO

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