One of the exercises I do on coaching programmes to demonstrate the impact of coaching is very simple. I call it “secret coaching” and all I do is read out a series of questions for the people attending. �After each question, I give them a minute or two to write their answers down and then ask them the next question.

It works astonishingly well: typically 80+ per cent will get some answers of value to the problem they set themselves and more than half will get a good answer that they are committed to implementing.

In response to a request from one such group, I have recorded the questions I ask. �Just listen to this recording, stop pause it after each question and write down all the answers that come into your mind, then resume. At the end, you may well have your answer. �You may also download a handy coaching template to record your answers.

The recording is just over 4 minutes and the process will typically take you between ten and twenty minutes.

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