The Yes/No Dictionary Part 4: The Animals of The Yes/No Book

by Mike Clayton  - August 27, 2013


The Yes/No Book is filled with new and specific concepts in personal effectiveness and time management.� To make a valuable resource for readers, and to introduce non-readers to some of the core concepts of the book, I am preparing a dictionary.

It will be in 13 parts (Superstitious? I�m not) and will have around 50 entries.

Part 4: The Animals of The Yes/No Book

Animals make tremendous metaphors – they all have such distinct characteristics and humans tend to share some of them; good and bad.


The Gopher (noun); your unconscious drive to say �yes� and to go for it, and therefore dissipate its energy across a lot of tasks. See illustration below. Deprecated.

The Beaver (noun); the drive to beaver-away, investing all of your energy in a single all-important task, until it is finished.

The Dormouse (noun); the feeling that you really can�t be bothered; you would rather do something altogether less taxing instead. Deprecated.

The Gopher

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