The Yes/No Dictionary Part 6: Goal Setting

by Mike Clayton  - September 10, 2013


The Yes/No Book is filled with new and specific concepts in personal effectiveness and time management.� To make a valuable resource for readers, and to introduce non-readers to some of the core concepts of the book, I am preparing a dictionary.

It will be in 13 parts (Superstitious? I�m not) and will have around 50 entries.

Part 6: Goal Setting

The challenge embedded in The Yes/No Book, of course, is to know what you want, so that you know what to say YES or NO to.


Goal (noun); what you want: an outcome that will give you pride, satisfaction, pleasure�

Goal-directed activity (noun); the things that you must do, that you want to do, that make a real difference to what you can achieve in your life, in your work, in your vocation. Things you do because they are right and because you believe in them. These are the activities to say YES to.

Killer Question (noun); a question that can open your mind to new possibilities and help you to release suppressed dreams into your conscious awareness.

Maximise (verb); the strategy of looking for the very best option before making a decision. One of two possible responses to overchoice.

Satisfice (verb); decision strategy whereby you make the decision to choose what satisfies sufficient conditions and you stop your search for an optimum option.�One of two possible responses to�overchoice.

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