The How to Speak so People Listen Dictionary Part 4: Impact

by Mike Clayton  - November 27, 2013

How to Speak so People Listen is filled with specific concepts and models. To make a valuable resource for readers, and to introduce non-readers to some of the core concepts of the book, I have created a dictionary. As a bonus, this dictionary also contains additional terms and ideas that are not contained in How to Speak so People Listen. It is in 16 parts and has around 100 entries. If you like dictionaries -�take a look too at The Yes/No Dictionary based on my earlier book, The Yes/No Book.

Part 4: Impact

If you want people to listen, you need to make a strong, positive impact on them.

Attention Raking (verb); Attracting attention whilst engaged in something else.

Charisma (noun); The aspect of your persona that draws people to you, inspires enthusiasm, loyalty and affection, and makes people want to listen to you.

Gravitas (noun); The aspect of your persona that means what you say has real weight and makes a strong impression on people, giving them confidence in what you say.

Impact (noun); The effect you have on people; a combination of presence (qv), charisma (qv), and gravitas (qv).

Power Pause (noun); A deliberate pause before speaking, calculated to gather attention and take emotional control of the room.

Power Pose (noun); An assertive posture you can strike for a few minutes to change the hormone balance of your body in a way that gives you confidence and leads you to come across to listeners as more able and dominant.

Presence (noun); The aspect of your persona, posture and behaviour that leads people to notice you. Power poses (qv) and a power pause (qv) will boost your presence.

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